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The Dorm Diaries (#2): Swing Dancing With Strangers, Simple Sketches, and Spooky Fun

Hello, lovelies!

College is in full swing, and I figured it was time for an update-y little lifestyle post about all the things that have been going on. I'm gonna try and divide this post up into a September and an October section, just in case you have a favorite month or something like that.


Rapid-fire life updates go!

* * *
The first big event in my little college adventure was something called Chaos Night. Chaos Night is essentially where each residence hall has a theme that all the residents dress up according to, and then each hall competes in silly games that take more athletic ability than I have. My hall this year (Schultze-Eldersveld) was given the theme of 80's, which is why you see a lot of us sporting crimped hair and scrunchies.
My hall is apparently known for being the super fit and sporty hall, and we'd won the games two years in a row, so the pressure was high. Unfortunately, my "sporty" self didn't really assist much in earning…

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