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19 Things I Learned By Age 19

Hello, lovelies!

First off, I want to thank you for bearing with me while I worked through some inner, emotional squishiness. This blog originally started as both a place for book reviews and a place for me to share my more private thoughts, and it will always continue to be my place to rest in the storms. The amount of endless support you all have given me is honestly so astounding and uplifting, and through it all I continue to be amazed by this little blogger community that we've all become a part of. So thank you.

I think I'm moving out of whatever weird funk I was in, though anxiety continues to be a battle that I have to keep fighting on a daily basis. Again, thank you for your support through everything, and I promise that I will be here if any of you ever need to talk. (:

* * *
I have done two posts in this style in the past, which you can find by searching the blog, and since my birthday was this past Tuesday (whoo! Last year of teenager-dom!), I figured it was time …

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